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Human resources management is getting increasingly important in view of fierce competition and the fact that human resource is the leading strategic factor that leads to a corporate’s competitive advantages. The larger the enterprise, the more difficult it is for human resources management, from recruiting sufficient human resources to meeting business needs, expanding business, managing human resources effectively and economically, creating a professional working environment, building trust – pride and thereby strengthening employee engagement.

CK HR CONSULTING is established with the mission of resolving difficulties faced by corporates, reducing corporates’ workload and improving human resource management efficiency. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we are a reliable partner of enterprises.

M. Fin.

Chief Executive Officer

A Founder and CEO of CK HR Consulting is Ms Tran Thi Minh Khuong. Ms Khuong graduated Master degree in Finance and Banking at The university of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland.

Khuong has 10 years working experience in Finance and Banking industry. Since 2012, She has started developing her career in Human Capital at Adecco Vietnam. Over the past 08 years, Ms. Khuong has built a community network with strong senior human resources. With a solid background of knowledge and customer service thinking, Ms. Khuong is known as a young and talented CEO in Human resource services. Before establishing CK HR Consulting, Ms. Khuong was a member of BOM and a Deputy General Director of Viet Thanh Cong Training Joint Stock Company, where she was also a founder and executive of Human Resource services.

A true leader with business acumen, Ms. Khuong has helped clients improve their businesses and candidates achieve their career goals while developing talent within their team.

In September 2018, CK HR Consulting was established by Ms Khuong after more than 02 years of incubation and preparing for a plan.

Under the leadership of Ms. Khuong, Ckers’ staff have been growing in both quantity and quality. Until now, within  02 years of establishment, CK HR Consulting has achieved very impressive results: Providing services to hundreds of multi-industry clients, receiving more than 1,000 vacancies and successfully connecting jobs for more than 500 candidates.

You can connect with Ms Khuong via Linkedin.


We provide tailored recruiting solutions for each client based on client’s unique needs: business, expectations, evaluation criteria and organizational culture. We are well aware that the talent factor is the great value to an organization. Without the right talent, it is impossible for an enterprise to achieve its goals and bring efficiency to the company. We understand the challenges and know that, in the current marketplace, locating and securing the right talent is as difficult as ever, and we offer expert recruiting solutions called Xpert to meet these challenges.

Our resources, industry expertise, methodology and understanding of the local market will help you find the best and most suitable talents to bring your business forward. We have access to a wide range of top candidates from across Vietnam, because we are committed to finding the right people for your business, the only candidates you will meet are those who have passed our in-depth screening process.

For Candidates:

Learn about personalities, attitudes:

Understanding candidate’s characteristics, attitudes and motivation for application through the face-to-face interview helps us to screen and select suitable candidates.

Skills assessment:

We build the objective of the interview for each vacancy to have scripts / questions list to detect and evaluate the necessary skills according to the recruitment criteria of the positions.

Expertising in the professional knowledge:

Our recruitment consultants are well trained and updated with information about the market to expertise professional knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the vacancy.

Understanding expectations:

We always determines the importance in understanding the expectations of candidates, helping us to find suitable candidates and ensure a long-term commitment to clients.

For Clients

Understanding the field of business:

One of the first conditions to find and select candidates is an understanding of the client’s field of business. By that way, we can find potential candidates.

Understanding evaluation criteria:

Each employer has its own recruiting criteria and recruitment taste, we value understanding an assessment criteria to save time for clients in the search for talents.

Understanding expectations:

Understanding clients’ expectations help us select the right talents that can contribute to the goals of the business.

Understanding organizational culture:

Understanding the specific organizational culture helps us to find the most suitable candidate and long-term commitment to organization.


Recruitment Services


Talent Staffing services including professional, specific and/ or managerial positions. We select and nominate candidates after analysing job requirements, competencies, which is included the consideration respective corporate culture.

As headhunt agents, we distribute several options of our services. If this is the first time you use a headhunt agent, one common mistake that you may get on your knowledge is that an agent gets paid first by employers to find them talent.

What many Clients do not realise is these are other ways of working with headhunt agents. We are providing 2 different ways to sign talent acquisition contracts:

 • Contingence Search:

In a contingence contract for recruitment, the employer only make a payment when our candidates start their first working days at your company. With this agreement, clients can cooporate with different recruitment partners at the same time to find their most suitable candidates for the company. If our candidate does not go to work, the client is not required to make a payment. If you choose to sign this contingence contract, it would give you more advantages in managing good budgets for your business.

However, a Contingency contract will also bring you some disadvantages because of its level of commitment, for instance, if your company is recruiting key positions. 

Therefore, we give you the second options, which is called Retained Contract, below will be our explanation:

 • Retained Search:

Retained Contract is offered for your business, especially when you have urgent needs of recruitments for key positions, specific positions, or strategic positions. Therefore, if the customer decides to use the retained contract, the customer will need to pay an upfront fee or deposit in able for us to assign a dedicated team to work rapidly on your recruitment project.  Our team will work closely with you through to placement, demonstrate and report the recruitment status and process until we get you right candidates. Therefore, your recruitment will be guaranteed. Moreover, it will not interrupt your employment targets as well as the business development plan.


Recuitment services for position that do not require experience or working experiece less than 03 years. High number of employees is required with high frequency and average gross salary is under VND 20 million.


CK HR Consulting provides development services, attracting candidates according to requirement process. Our services help customers a proactive approach to applicant within a short time at a saving cost.


CK HR CONSULTING has extensive experience in organizing recruitment events including employer branding and career day… we will be reliable partner to provide Recruitment event solutions for our customers.

Services include:

  • Planning;
  • Providing advises in sellecting time and venue;
  • Providing marketing plans, marketing tools;
  • Providing supporting team on the day of the event;
  • Assigning statistics and reporting results of the event.
Human Resource Solution Services


The payroll outsourcing service (Payroll Management service) is gradually becoming an effective solution, helping businesses eliminate the great burden of administrative tasks in order to focus on business development, production development and market expansion instead. Therefore, this is a trend in the HR management method of the new era, especially suitable for start-ups, small and medium enterprises, even an effective solution for those that large corporations or factories with a staff of thousands.

The payroll process requires accuracy, fast and compliance with the labor law. This has caused many difficulties for businesses, CK HR Consulting will be a reliable partner providing payroll outsourcing solutions for businesses.

The outstanding benefits of using payroll outsourcing service at CK HR Consulting are:

  • Ensuring that monthly payroll calculation and payment on time in accordance with Vietnamese labor laws and the labor agreements;
  • Professional team of experts have a profound knowledge, always understanding the needs and consulting solutions in accordance with the payroll management activities in the enterprises.
  • Strong commitment to accuracy, flexibility and absolute confidentiality.
  • Standardized payroll calculation and payroll management procedure to minimize complaints and legal violations.

CKHR Consulting provides partial or complete solutions depending on business needs including:

A. Payroll Service:

– Making probationary contracts/ Labor contracts;

– Based on the monthly employee timesheet to calculate salary, allowances, social insurance (SI), medical insurance (MI), unemployment insurance (UI), and personal income tax (PIT) for employees.

– Making monthly salary payments on behalf of employees;

– Payment slips;

– Monthly payroll payment reports;

– Answer employees’ enquiry on relevant policies and regulations;

B. Personal Income Tax Service:

– Register the PIT code for new employees;

– Register of Family Circumstance Deductions;

– PIT declaration monthly/ quarterly;

– PIT report;

C. Tax Administration Service:

– Finalization of personal income tax for employees;

– Settlement of PIT for the company;

D. Government Administration Service (Labor service, social insurance service):

– Labor registration;

– Making health insurance cards, monitoring and settling insurance benefits for employees;

– In charge of social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for employees;

– Making reports on staff increase/ decrease according to regulations;

– Implement to close insurance books;

– Making periodic reports: Social Insurance (SI), Medical Insurance (MI) and Unemployment Insurance (UI), Trade Union (TU);


To assist businesses in making recruitment decisions, ensure the right candidate is chosen, providing in-depth information on the skills, knowledge, ability and motivation of candidates. We can verify the authenticity of information provided by candidates and find out further information on the candidates.

Information includes:

  • Education: training units, qualifications, education performance.
  • Working history: working period, organization, performance.
  • Other information: CIC, debt status


A work permit is issued to a foreigner who enters Vietnam to work in an enterprise. When the license authority checks, the enterprise must present a work permit to prove that the foreigner is legally working. Therefore, in order to ensure the legal employment of foreign workers and workers in Vietnam, CK HR Consulting has provided a package work permit service to help business save costs and time in administrative procedures and working with State agencies.

Benefits of using work permit application service at CK HR Consulting:

  • Advising documents in detail and procurement for applying work permit;
  • Providing full service package, ensuring the most convenience and fastest for customer;
  • Committing to complete the service on time.


What information for most of employers to be interested in are salary, benefits in all aspects which are available on the current market. The capture of information on the labor market will help businesses have an overview in which employers can use as a basis for building/restructuring the salary framework and for developing policies to retain their current talents as well as attract potential candidates.

Our salary survey service will provide the most comprehensive and reliable information about the salary of all positions from all departments/divisions and according to any competency criteria that businesses need to survey.


The value of this service is directly linked to its ability to help your current and future company project human resource needs to develop your business. Talent mapping will allow you to develop a strategy to fill current or future recruitment needs.

Start with our talent mapping service, you will be provided with essential information, contact information for existing talents in the market and the rotations of talents in the field.


Not every employee who “goes off” is willing to answer questions in the job interview. Assist enterprises in collecting the accurate reasons of employees’ resignation. Through us, corporates will get the most complete and truthful information. This will enable enterprise to reassess its working environment and personnel policies to retain and attract talents.

Human Resource Consulting Services

The mission of Human resource consulting service is to make a change for your organization in order to improve your company performance or get ready for the phase of expansion, which will be the foundation for your systematic and further operation. Base on the basis of your mission statement, visions, business goals, business strategies to restructure your Human Resource system and improve standalization in your Human Resource Management.

Something our consulting service will help you improve, and many others:

  • Structure/Re-structure your organizational chart;
  • Regulate functions of the Board/ Division/ Department and build up the Title system
  • Set/reset job descriptions.
  • Structure/Restructure KPIs’ systems
  • Set/Reset salary framework, commission/ bonus scheme and company benefits.
  • Develop an employee evaluation system.
  • Develop operational processes.
  • Provide training and coaching in Human resources and softskills.