What our candidates say

Through many year working with different working agents, I am truly appreciate your working attitude and professional of your. You have distribute your thorough understanding about your candidate such as their current job and their abilities as well as understanding about the opened positions, workplace environment and the company. Therefore, you are able to demonstrate your perspective to the open position and their description for candidates.
Thank you for helping me getting the right job that I was always my goal and my wanted.
I hope that you and your company will be successful in connecting between business and humans.

Ms. Do Anh

Project Finance Manager

The connection between CK HR Consulting and their customers is very quick and effective.
The response to their candidate is surprisingly fast. For my case, I received a response within two working days after had sent my first resume.
Candidate care service is very attentive since the first day I had stepped into their office to the first day of my probation.
Moreover, after my successful interview, CK HR Consulting invited their candidates to After Action Review (AAR) meeting to evaluate, discuss and share their experiences and information about their upcoming working place.
They did send me a lot of texts asking and caring during after I got the job.
In general, I am myself satisfied with CK HR Consulting’s services. 

Mr. Truong Son

Head of Sales

I am myself satisfied with CK HR Consulting’s service because of its fast and efficient process. Typically, when Mr. Thang approached me, the process was very fast and “grace” me with recruiter was also speedy.

However, if the job seekers, in our point of view, actively approach CK HR Consulting’s recruiters and receives feedback / promotion / connection with recruiter as quickly as my case, I vote for CK HR Consulting 10 points

I hope that my sincere sharing will contribute a part to form more completion for CK HR Consulting, improve the services in the coming time and become a leading in HR consulting / recruitment unit within the shortest time in Vietnam.

Ms. Kim Chi

Human Resource Director

I know CK HR Consulting incidentally through a news. I was very impressed with their recruiting news, the information was presented tightly and neat of the job description, salary range but good enough to impress the candidate.
About the way they engage to their candidates, I had highly appreciate their professional. This is due to my history of working with other headhunt agents. The conversation between them and their candidate was also very opened, which was allowing their candidate to talk about their experience as well as their expectation.
I also appreciated their support to candidates in sharing information about the company that they are going to apply and providing necessary opinion during the process of the interview.
Finally, I was also highly evaluate their working spirit, simple process, active and effectively which was saving me a lot of time to get a job and successful passing through the interview process.

Ms. Hang Nguyen

Business Solution Senior Manager

I have never used the service of Head Hunters before. Incidentally, through connection, CK HR Consulting brought me new experiences. CK HR Consulting almost presented as candidate’s representative / spokeperson, was helping me focus on my current job but still receiving other opportunity in the same time, setting up interview schedules, dealing with recruiter.

CK HR Consulting’s service and its caring approached me, had a dedicated professional that made me more and more confident and was assured. I hope that in the coming time, the relationship between me and CK HR Consulting will be more and more cohesive and will continue to receive supports, new opportunities from your company.

Sincerely thank you and wish you all with Health and Success

Mr. Le Minh

Regional Sale Manager