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Looking back at 2019

People at CK HR Consulting

Tong Quoc Thang 

Recruitment Consultant

Thang's thought

There was a rumor spreading around in a school childhood time that “learning without playing is youth less, playing without learning is a low life”, with me, whether in studying or in working, the above statement is applicable. Thinking about of working everyday with getting KPI in order to serve only one purpose is “work hard to fulfill your stomach”, then maybe I would miss other values that when the youth passes, I will never get it back.

Apart from work, at CK HR Consulting, we have many activities:

Firstly, we have the quarterly and annually emulation and reward activities for staffs, creating more challenging working environments for every staff to strive for. In addition to motivating the work, the rewards such as “Performance Cup”, Certificates of contributions and “lovely” gifts of the company are also valuable to encourage our motivations a lot, nothing happier when our accomplishments are honored and recognized.

Secondly, the company regularly organizes team activities to increase the cohesion among CKers     by kick-off days such as picnics, celebrate holidays, company’s birthdays, charity volunteering etc… and countless other activities for staffs to relax together, regenerate positive energy to make more efforts and contributes to a success of the company.

Through company’s activities, we had lots of memories together, CK HR Consulting is like our second house. In CK HR Consulting, we are from difference regions and personalities but joined as one with the same spirit “Work hard – Play harder”.

Last but not least, company always secretly throws surprised birthday party for CKer who has birthday on that month. The result is, I have gained a massive weight from 75kg to 85kg in 2 years working for CK HR Consulting. J.

Life is short and time flies, we cannot redo what has done and time cannot comes back as well, so let’s live to the fullest every second of the day, for me “ Every time spent in CK HR Consulting is fun and worthy”

Hua Mong Tuyen 

Executive Assistant to CEO

Tuyen's thought

‘Each of us has at least one in the lifetime had difficulties in making decision, some decisions that disappointed us but some would made you smile every time you think about it – and join into The CK family is one of my right decision so far.

Nearly 2 years working at CK HR Consulting, I have really had a lot of “firsts”. For the first time, a girl with few words like me who deals with numbers, formulas, excel functions, can express herself more in writing, get inspired with the words more, communicate better and be more precise in each sentence. For the first time, an introvert like me, quite lazy to participate in any activities, was able to organize unexpectedly successful Team Building for the company with all memories that make us nothing else but laughs to remember. For the first time, a clumsy girl like me was able to meticulously crafting handmade gifts and gave to each CKers at Christmas. And for the first time, who used to hate literature, could write poems for all my lovely colleagues. I can say that at CK HR Consulting, I am allowed and encouraged to promote myself in every work needed and that I myself have never tried or dare to show.

Comparing me now with the previous times, I am more feminine with long hair and long skirt, you would be surprised to look back at me more than a year ago: less smiling, less talking, grumpy and quite “tough”J, I always say no to dresses or lipsticks, which is girly as most of the girl. A big steps of that change is due to the care and patience of “Transformation” that the most devoted boss in the world has patiently done for me since I entered the house of CK HR Consulting. I learn to improve myself better, take care of myself  better, still me but with “ the best” version.

I am truly grateful for the laughter, the delicious snacks, the none-end stories of my colleagues, the regards, prompt support, quick and determined decisions from the boss have always energized and motivated me to try to do a lot of effective works, creative more and contribute a lot.

To me, successful in work is when you just need a place where offers you all opportunities you need to develop your strengths, help you in changing positively and happier every day, thanks to CK HR Consulting for giving me all of those greatness!”

Nguyen Do Quyen 

Recruitment Consultant

Quyen's thought

”For nearly 02 years I have attached myself to CK HR Consulting, in that period of time has brought me lots of memories. As one of the first members of the CKers family, I was the third recruitment consultant in the team at that time in total of 04 members. In the early months, I often felt pressured and extremely difficult, sometimes to thought I would give up. Fortunately, I chose to work at CK HR Consulting, my career started to switch from internal recruitment to external recruitment so adapting to the new way of working made me face with new challenges. For the first few months in the row, I had only reached less than 50% of KPI, extremely frustrated, disappointed of myself and felt helpless. I stated that I was not suitable for this job. I had a talk to my friends, colleagues and received lots of encouragement to lift up my motivation and especially when I opened up to my boss. With her sympathy, my boss not only gave me advice to improve the efficiency of my work but also organized lots of applied training sessions so that for me and my colleagues had an opportunity to learn new knowledge, methodology which I myself had never had before.

Specifically at CK HR Consulting, goal setting methods, weekly planning report, skills such as job vacancy analysis, interview and interview assessment skills, how to keep and extend candidate relationship skills, etc…all of these contents are carefully collected and built methodically by company because of its easy understanding and practicing. After that period of time, my difficulties and pressures are over. The reward for my persistence and unremitting efforts is to be awarded a cup of “The best KPI” by the company in quarter 3 and quarter 4 of  2019. My achievements today are the great encouragement and motivation to me. The day I held a trophy and a certificate of commendation, I was deeply moved as well as excited. And yet sometimes I had negative thought of giving up but still thanks to my company, thanks to my boss who has shown me a quote of Jack Ma “ Today is difficult, tomorrow is difficult but the day after will be a great day” is very true.

“Life always gives us an opportunity that is tomorrow”. If not giving up, you still have a chance to overcome. Mark today, try harder tomorrow, my friends!”

Bui Thi Hien

Operation Specialist

Hien's thought

“We are living in the era of technology 4.0, when job opportunities are increasing, everyone sets their own criteria to choose a suitable working environment for a long term attachment. I, too, have experienced a numbers of difference working environments and I realize that colleagues are the indirect factors but are important factors for each of us to achieve the “expectations” of the self-development. Fortunately, at CK HR Consulting, I have met great colleagues.

Over a year ago, a predestined opportunity that I set my foot here. After a year working at CK HR Consulting has been my best time with being through many emotions. Remembering the early days, even though I had experiences in the previous workplaces but when I accepted the job, I was impressed by the style, working method and soft skills of colleagues around me. At CK HR Consulting, colleagues who always help and support me and especially I have a boss who is willing to guide me from the smallest things to form me to the perfection in detail.

Each member in The CK family has its own characteristics but we are identical in a common culture – that is sincerity. Every day I go to work, I am thrilled to meet my colleagues. We often enjoy our afternoon snacks when someone has to do “and that” for prizes, commissions or simply “buy” new thing- those simple enjoyments under the common roof.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

That’s right! No matter how strong you are, no one can succeed when deals alone, so companions always have a very meaning in life.

To tell you the truth, I and my colleagues always wish for CK HR Consulting develop and succeed so that all CKers always accompany each other as well as enrolling new members.”

Why join us

We are a start-up in the field of providing Human Resources Solutions. We develop fast with challenging work environments. Proud to be a young business but focusing on building the development foundation, the human factor is our top concern. At CK HR Consulting, we have a systematic workflow, training plans and internal resource development. We regularly organize emulation and commendation programs to motivate employees, transparent and fair KPIs evaluation system.

CK HR Consulting will be a suitable working place, if you have the following expectations:

  • Want to work with a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team.
  • Enjoy challenging environments for opportunities to learn and develop yourself.
  • Like to contribute, passionate in working creativity.
  • Want your work achievements to be recognized and honoured.
  • Mastering in the career promotion path.
  • Income increased according to the level of dedication.

We aim to create a HAPPY working environment where all the needs of employees are satisfied, work and life are always balanced.