What our clients say

I was quite impressed with great service of CK HR Consulting group. We share the requirement just few days, they introduced us only 1 candidate and he was shortlisted for the role. They understood clearly demand of client and deliver service excellent. We love to have you by our side. Thanks for your great support! Wish company all the best, always succeed and accompany with company like us!

Ms. Hanh Ho

Finance sector

The way you approached us was very ingenious and enthusiastic
– Keeping track of the procedure of hiring closely to support shortening process.
– Hopefully CK HR Consulting will always have a good source of candidates to meet the needs not only for us but in general for the labor market in Viet Nam.
I wish CK HR Consulting always has succeed a long –term development.


Ms. Nhung Nguyen

Investment Management

I had the opportunity to cooperate with CK HR Consulting to recruit some of senior positions in F&B field, right at the time CK HR Consulting nearly 6 months of establishment. Although the company was just started, the consultants here made me quite surprised compared to other big headhunts through a methodical working style, persistent not giving up and always interested in accompanying our team during the time of difficulty in recruitment, a good source data with qualification as evidenced by some very difficult senior positions that CK HR Consulting recruited sucessfully in a very short time. By their dedication and wholeheartedness for their clients, I believe CK HR Consulting will grow stronger and I stilltrust in using their services for a long term.

Mr. Huy Hoang

F&B sector

After cooperation, we realize that CK HR Consulting is a reliable ambassador for business in general and for our company in particular. The great thing is that the recruiting team has a deep understanding of sectors in business, so the people who we hired are extremely suitable


Mr. Le Minh

Investment & Immigration sector

Thank you for always accompanying me with the highest sense of responsibility. The difference that CK HR Consulting has affirmed its brand during the time of supporting me in recruitment is company’s commitment and responsibility. With so many headhunt companies on the market, it’s hard to find a partner. How do headhunt companies understand recruitment requirements for quick and accurate support, how to ensure the security of “sensitive” position, and how to ensure messages are not misaligned between Employer and Candidate. Those are the questions I always use as a criterion to select a support partner. In addition, all candidates who have been sent to us were carefully screened by CK HR Consulting’s consultants, which helped us save a lot of times in document selection work.   

Thank you for always accompanying me with the greatest resource of CK HR Consulting team.

Ms. Selena Tran

Real Estate sector

I appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the CK HR Consulting team, especially the ability to provide senior personnel in the field of financial investment. I am very impressed by Ms. Ngoc – the person who helped connect the candidates for us, the candidate is extremely good, although the business side of us is really not easy to find suitable senior personnel

Ms. Chloe Phan

Investment sector